Your experts in flooring

Your experts in flooring

At A Plus Carpet and Flooring, we do flooring right. We are a top-tier Columbia flooring company that is locally owned and operated. Our team of experts will help you find the right floors for your home. Let’s take a look at some options.

Tile flooring

Tile is all about customization. The type of tile and its shape and color, and the pattern is multiple. You can choose any tile, from herringbone to checkerboard, brickwork, or diamond; the designs are varied and endless. Tile can be as small as you want to as large as you wish. It doesn't just go on floors, but also on walls as backsplashes.


There is nothing like a lush carpet to sink your toes into after a long day. Carpet has been around for a long time. The fibers are essential; from durable nylon to brilliant polyester, triexta, and wool, the choice of the fibers makes the carpet for you.

Hardwood flooring

A traditional choice, hardwood can last up to 100 years in the home if adequately cared for. Hardwood is classic and elegant and goes in a rustic home as much as a modern one. Hardwoods come in a variety of species like maple, oak, cherry, ash, and hickory. Each species has its look and feel and flow of grain to it, so you have many choices here.


It an old but tried, and the actual product, laminate, offers durability and looks when choosing floors. It can come as a waterproof product. It is resistant to spills, stains, and fading from the sun. It can look just like wood, stone, or tile.

Luxury Vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl is one of the fastest-growing products today. It comes in planks or tiles (LVP or LVT) and looks like the real thing. LVT flooring now can come in wood-looking tiles that add a specific classical look to your floors. Or it can come in the stone look, mimicking the timeless stone. Whatever you choose, you will have fabulous floors for your friends, family, and neighbors to talk about.

A Plus Carpet and Flooring is a flooring store Columbia, MD. We serve Columbia, Ellicott City, Howard County, Baltimore County, Catonsville, Annapolis, and Montgomery County, MD. Visit our showroom today and look at all your options for floors; you’ll be pleasantly surprised.