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Vinyl Flooring is an excellent choice

At A Plus Carpet and Flooring, we want you to make the right choice for your flooring. We think that vinyl, in particular sheet vinyl, can be a viable option for you. You probably grew up in a home with sheet vinyl flooring, or your grandparents had it in their home. It is not out of style and is still a stylish choice for flooring today. It has a wealth of benefits to it.

Flooring composition

Sheet vinyl flooring is composed of layers. The vinyl comes attached to a paper-felt backing. It comes in 12-foot rolls of vinyl with the design printed on top of it. Recycled materials are being used these days to make it more environmentally conscious. However, it is a petroleum-based product.

Floor Prep

As the installers roll it out onto your floor, bumps or cavities may appear in the subfloor. Our professionals will be sure to smooth those bumps and pits out, so there is no sign of them in the sheet vinyl. However, it may be necessary to have a new subflooring put in that is smooth and clean. Or a skim coat can be put down to make the floor smooth enough for the vinyl.

Waterproof flooring

Being a vinyl product, you can be sure that sheet vinyl is waterproof. It is impervious to every kind of liquid. Why? Because vinyl is entirely constructed of PVC, a construction vinyl. It is one of the most popular materials used in construction today. With no special coatings or backings, this material can be completely submerged in water, and no damage will occur.


Durability is another feature of vinyl sheet flooring. It draws a considerable crowd to it because of its ability to perform day after day. You can choose from different thicknesses to increase the durability of the vinyl. It comes with various backings that offer cushioning and resilience. You'll find this is perfect for those areas, like the kitchen, where you may have to be on your feet for long periods while cooking. The construction of vinyl means that it won't fade, is resistant to scratches, and won’t stain. Your floors will look beautiful in the years to come.

Your source for vinyl floors

A Plus Carpet and Flooring has a showroom in Columbia, MD. We serve Columbia, MD, Ellicott City, MD, Howard County, MD, Baltimore County, MD, Catonsville, MD, Annapolis, MD, andMontgomery County, MD. Our friendly and qualified staff are ready to help you. Look at our vinyl inventory and let us help you decide the right one for you. Questions are welcome, and we'll answer any that you have. Once you've found your favorite sheet, we'll get the installation scheduled, so there will be little time before you have a great-looking vinyl flooring. Come in today!

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