Terms And Conditions (AP101)


A Plus Carpet and Flooring / A PLUS FLOOD AND REBUILD


The terms: "A Plus," A Plus Carpet and Flooring," APCF" are used interchangeably inthis agreement.

All open balances are due on the first day of installation.

Time of arrival for installation/services are estimated times of arrival. Please expect a window for our time of arrival. We will text you when we are on the way. Expect arrivals between 8:00 am to12:00 pm or 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

For your protection, we do not store credit card information on file. If a credit card is given as a deposit, consent to allow APCF to process the balance on the first day of installation is granted.All open balances are due on the first day of installation; unless noted otherwise, fees related to late payment will apply. If a check was given as a deposit, please give our crew leader a check for the balance on the first day of installation. We prefer not to receive cash. If you choose to pay in cash, please notify APCF via email: info@apluscarpet.com. We will provide you with a written receipt.

Warranties: APCF will guarantee against defects in workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the first day of installation. All materials carry the manufacturer's warranty. If APCF installs materials not supplied by APCF, a warranty is not given to material or workmanship.

Knowledge: The site must be a controlled 30-50% RH, and 60-80 F temp will allow for optimum dimensional stability. Breakable items, personal items, and all furniture not listed in the contract must be moved prior to installation. This includes all pictures/fragile items on walls. Due to the nature of materials used to make furniture, APCF will not be held responsible for the damage or breaking of furniture. Change orders will be added to the original invoice, and a charge of $95.00 may apply. If an unforeseen issue arises, such as subfloor corrections, and the additional materials and or labor is necessary to complete the job in a good professional manner, we will notify you via text for approval. If your response is not received within a reasonable time, we will proceed with work as long as the additional cost remains less than$499.00; this cost will be added to the invoice. All appliances/electronics must be disconnected, protected, and moved before installation. All water & gas lines must be unhooked prior to installation. Clients are responsible for disassembling and moving any large assembled pieces of weight equipment furniture (entertainment centers, etc.). A Plus Carpet and Flooring will not move sleep number beds. APCF will not be responsible for disassembling, reassembling, or moving such items. If the proposal was quoted, "premises is vacant," and upon arrival, the property is furnished, there will be an additional charge of $25.00 per item. If the job. If A PlusCarpet and Flooring is required to return furniture, a charge of $59.00 per item moved will apply.If the subfloor needs reconstruction, an additional charge will apply. When installing carpet or flooring, adjustments to layout will be completed at the sole discretion of APCF will be deemed acceptable to the client. Unless listed in the contract, cutting doors is the client's responsibility.Clients are responsible for covering all areas below where work is completed; polyurethane, wood, and other particles could drop below the work area.

CANCELATION OF INSTALL DATE: Clients must text 443-774-5880 within 48 hours of installation/repair date, or a reschedule fee of $395.00 will apply.

VIDEO PRODUCTION: APCF will video the worksite, and conversation/voice may be recorded.This information is used for virtual site inspections and will not be shared outside of A PlusCarpet and Flooring. Invisible seams do not exist.

ACCESS TO WORK ZONE: For any flooring that is a glue-down application, the client agrees not to walk on the floor for at least 24 hours after the job is completed or all warranties are void.

PAINTING SERVICES AND MODIFICATIONS: Paint and trim on walls; steps will require painting and point up at the cost to the client. Please plan to hire your favorite painter. Items, walls, and other goods may get scratched during installation and the sanding; APCF will not be held responsible for these potential issues. The client assumes responsibility to protect walls and other tangible items. The client will not hold APCF to cut, relay, or reconnect any wires and move breakable items (tables, mirrors, cabinets, glass, etc.). APCF is not responsible for damage to paint on walls, moldings, trim, etc.

CLEAN UP: The work site will be left in a broom swept condition. Some carpet fibers and small amounts of dust could remain. Sand & finish stain may take longer to cure due to unforeseen situations. Dust will be present, and it is the client's responsibility to protect the HVAC by replacing filters and or placing filters over HVAC returns and vents.

WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION: APCF is contracted to remove damaged flooring, drywall, etc., and to dry areas. This is not a mold/mildew remediation. APCF will not be held responsible for any growth of mold/mildew.Squeaks may become apparent due to the condition of sub-floors and/or as a natural result of the Contractor's activities and are not the responsibility of APCF. If the subfloor needs to be secured, there will be an additional charge.

Carpet Cleaning: CAUTION FLOORS MAY BE SLIPPERY WHEN WET. NO COMPLAINTS WILL BE VALID 3 DAYS AFTER WORK IS COMPLETED. BALANCE DUE before work begins, APCF agrees to perform the service indicated in a proper and professional manner, using equipment and detergents standards for the cleaning industry. The client agrees that APCF shall not be liable for the following: failure to remove spots; any discoloration, changing color, fraying, texture, shading, or any other type of distortion to the materials that may appear either before or after cleaning; All fabrics cleaned only by APCF will be completed at the clients' risk.

SANITIZING / FOGGING: All tangible items will be affected by moisture that is created while fogging. It is the responsibility of the project owner/client to protect all tangible items. APCF will not be held responsible for damage resulting from the moisture. Please note we use EPA-N list approved chemicals for fogging. Please link to https://www.drweigert.com/ for MSDS/SDS information.

REPAIRS: Repairs and restretching carpet is not always successful as the carpet may be damaged during the process, and the removal of all buckling depends on the condition of the carpet and other factors. Seams will always be visible to some extent depending upon the type and quality of the carpet, the sub-flooring, and other factors. The client is fully responsible for removing all breakable items and agrees APCF will not be held liable if damage or breakage occurs during carpet installation or other floorings. If the client fails to remove fragile items, the APC may do so at a charge of no less than $.50 per sq. ft. of materials being installed to the entire job and shall not be liable for breakage. If APCF has to stop work due to conditions such as but not limited to moving of personal items findings of hazardous materials, the reschedule fee of $395.00 May apply.

CUSTOM AREA RUGS/RUNNERS/STEPS: Area rugs and runners may not carry a manufacturer warranty. Area rugs created by APCF will not carry a warranty. Steps do not have a pattern match. The finished product may have a nominal measurement. For example, a10'x10' area rug may differ in size. Therefore, 10'6" x 9'6" could be the size of the finished product.

CHANGE OF MATERIALS: APCF reserves the right to substitute other materials, products, and/or labor of similar or superior quality, utility, or color.

Advertising: Commercial clients hereby authorize APCF to use their name in the advertisement. APCF may use the property and/or appearance and likeness on film, photograph, or any other medium in any media methods of transmission and distribution for future use. The use shall include but is not limited to film, print, video, computer, world wide web, internet websites, email, computer network, digital reproduction and distribution for promotion, advertising, trade sales, exhibition, circulation, or any other purpose whatsoever.APCF will not "level" flooring or subfloors. APCF will smooth the substrate if needed for additional charges. Wood is a natural material that consists of many textures, colors, and unique characteristics. Thus, samples, moldings, transitions, stair noses, and other parts may differ visually and in texture. All woods are photosensitive; the color will change over time. When staining steps and other areas, the stain may transfer, splash, etc., onto the walls, stringer of steps, and other areas; APCF is not responsible for painting and touches up. All woods and flooring materials will scratch and dent, contract, and expand. Humidity levels throughout your home or business should be kept around 45%- 55% relative humidity, or gaping or cupping to materials may occur. The client accepts full responsibility for maintaining the work environment temperature and humidity to acceptable levels set forth by NWFA. Nail pops, and damage in drywall may occur from vibrations caused by installation. APCF will not be held accountable for the expense or to repair drywall issues that may arise. Sand and refinish will not remove water stains, deep imperfections, and discoloration.

AREA RUGS: Area rugs are not to be put down on a newly finished floor for 30 days unless stated in writing by APCF.

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE:: APCF's pricing is predicated upon usual conditions being encountered. If any unusual, hidden, concealed, or unforeseen conditions are encountered, such as but not limited to termite-infested, decayed material, and hazardous materials are encountered, extra charges will be necessary to correct the issue. If asbestos, lead paint, etc., are encountered, all liability is the client's sole responsibility to remove these hazardous materials before installation. If not removed, all damages to the health of the members of APCFwill be the client's responsibility. Sand and finish may take longer than expected due to cure times or unforeseen conditions. Do not put tape or any adhesive on the floor; it may peel/ruin the finish. Avoid placing heavy objects and avoid damp mopping the floor for 30 days. Flooring materials may contour to the subfloor. NOTE: there is no such thing as a perfectly smooth, level, or flat floor/ subfloor. Small indents may be visible. Up to 5% of the floor may be filled with putty or other types of fillers. Lighting will affect the look of your floors and carpet. Color and sheen levels of materials will be affected by light. Floating floors may not contour to the subfloor and may have space between subfloor and flooring materials resulting in a bouncy area. If the floor patch, feather finish, a smoothing not leveling compound, is needed to correct or smooth, the subfloor client agrees to allow up to $499.00 in materials and labor without giving notice.Repairs could be obvious, and fillers might be needed. At the sole discretion of APCF, removals require machinery to remove and prep floors, an extra charge of $500 per day for walk-behind and $1900 per day usage for a ride-on-floor removal/ scraper machine will apply.Wood could have nail holes, saw marks, knots, and other solid textures and coloration. Wood will be laid in a 100% random pattern unless specified. Repairs may look different in color, texture, sheen level, especially when correcting sand and finish floors. Materials are produced in a variety of thicknesses; gaps between the door jams, trim, etc., may be visible.

JOB SITE CONDITIONS: When materials and equipment are placed on the job site, these items become the client's full responsibility. Unless noted otherwise, the stain color will be chosen from the Min-wax or Duraseal selection. If a custom mix is required, there will be an additional charge of $0.45 per sqft. If water popping (a process to open the cells of the wood to accept stain) is required, this will result in a charge of .45 sq ft and will be acceptable to the client without notification to the client. APCF will practice best to inform the client of water popping before beginning the process. APCF will connect into your fuse panel or cloth dryer outlet(220V) to power equipment, the face-plate of the fuse box, and connect directly to the electricity for a 220-volt hook-up. Fade lines in floors may remain after sanding and refinishing, and this process will remove not all scratches. Hardwood flooring will be installed perpendicular to floor joists most of the time; exceptions do apply. Entry to the area or installation or work in progress will be prohibited without written consent from APCF. Violation of this provision shall void the PCF's guarantee.

Payment/Charges: The open balance on your invoice must be paid on the first day of installation, or the client will incur a default rate of 24.99% APR and a $7.00 per day administrative late service fee will be added to the balance starting on the first day of work. If a credit card is supplied for payment, APCF will NOT keep the card number on file; your credit card will be charged on the FIRST date of installation for the remaining balance of the contract.In order to serve you with the lowest prices, APCF will accept up to $3000.00 as a courtesy payment on your credit card charges above $3000.00 on your credit card may incur a 3% admin fee relative to the total amount processed on the credit card.ALL SALES ARE FINAL, AND NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. If the client defaults on payment, all court, and collection costs, including actual attorneys' fees incurred, will be paid by the client. All contractors/company owners agree that their signature applies financial responsibility personally and to their business entity.

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